What makes horses and horseback riding so addictive?

The Captivating World Of Equines

There's a certain rhythm to life that leads to unexpected discoveries. For me, one of those rhythm that set in quite magically was horses and horseback riding. It's hard to put a finger on what exactly makes horseback riding so addictive. But from the moment I first climbed onto a horse's back, everything from the smell of the stables to the comforting rhythm of the horse's walk just felt so perfect.

The energy passed to me through the saddle was electrifying. And horses, what fascinating creatures! They carry a sense of strength and majesty that's hard to come by elsewhere. They articulate in a tongue we can feel more than understand, and their size, their raw power, it's all too intoxicating. Riding a horse isn't just an activity, it's an emotional journey.

The Spiritual Binding Between Humans and Horses

From the ancient art of taming horses to the modern days equestrian sports, mankind's love affair with horses only seemed to grow stronger. Most riders wouldn't hesitate to tell you that their affinity for horses transcends the act of riding. It truly stretches to a deeper spiritual connection that's been passed down through generations.

Like my Great Grandfather used to tell me, 'Son, a horse is not merely an animal, it’s a mirror of your soul!' That's as true today as it was all those years ago. You see, the bond between a horse and its rider is essentially based on trust. If you trust your horse, it mirrors back in the form of an honest connection riders call 'the mutual feel'.

Unique Euphoria of Freedom

There's this therapeutic onset associated with horse riding. Yes, am talking about that picturesque vision – sun sinking beneath the horizon, a cool breeze whispering across wheat fields, and my hands wrapped around the reins of a horse galloping at blistering speed. It's the euphoria of being free, it's hard to describe, hard to pin down, but easy to love.

In fact, whenever the melodic chirps of my little parakeet pal, Skittles, gets too loud or when Sydney's charming demands for playing gets overwhelming, I find solace in that euphoria. Even a morning stroll at the paddock has its way of blending into my soul and whisking away all my worries.

Athletic Adrenaline Injectors

The adrenaline pumping through my veins as I charge towards a jump, the thrill of competitive events like show jumping or dressage, that's another part of the addiction. Horse riding is an extreme sport, it commands mutual respect between a rider and a horse. And mastering control over such a powerful creature, it's breathtaking!

Persevere, keep going, push harder, these are the only thoughts in my mind while racing through a course. And when I come out victorious, it's not just me who's won, it's the whole team, me and my horse, a win for our bond, our trust, our friendship. The victory lap is the sweetest trip around the arena.

Unstructured Therapy

Did you know that horseback riding is also a form of therapy? True that, mate. Many people use horseback riding as a way to find relaxation and peace. There is actual research that shows it reduces stress, helps manage anxiety and even severe mental health issues like PTSD.

The soothing rhythm of a horse’s movement can do wonders for our mental and physical health. The act of grooming a horse, the satisfaction of harnessing, it all serves as a form of meditation. A therapy worth every moment spent and cherished.

Strength, Perseverance & Responsibility

Horseback riding is a lot more than just sitting on a horse and having it take you around. It requires strength, perseverance, resilience, control, commitment and most importantly responsibility. Each ride, teaching you something new about yourself as much as it teaches you about the horse.

It's a humbling experience, realizing the power under you and yet it's a humbling companion. The responsibility of a horse's well-being, its physical and mental health is a paramount education in empathy and care. A well cared for horse reciprocates it’s love, respect and loyalty to its caretaker infallibly.

Alluring Aura Of The Equestrian Culture

The equestrian community, is a close-knit, welcoming, and encouraging culture. We speak a universal language of passion where the love for equines trumps everything else. Sharing stories, experiences, tips and advice is a regular part of our routine.

You know, it's not uncommon to see people from all walks of life galloping side by side. Doctors, artists, engineers, writers like me, horse lovers span across every possible spectrum. Horses unite us, they dissolve our differences and bring us together in the most awe-inspiring way.

Immeasurable Beauty Of The Natural Camaraderie

Last but not least, that golden moment when your horse recognizes you, trots up to you from across the paddock, nudges you with its muzzle, it's an immeasurable feeling of being loved, respected and trusted. This camaraderie, it's magic, spun in trust, nurtured with care, galvanized in unconditional love.

And chasing this magic, seeking this camaraderie, dwelling in the euphoria, allusive, elusive, additive, that's what makes horseback riding so addictive for me. It's not just an activity, but my way of life and it'll continue to be so, bringing joy and purpose in every step of my life's journey.

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